I was conceived and born erupting from a fusion of gaseous extractions, comet –tail  intra-molecular star sub particles combined with Solar Flares; all emerging from the Lunar Belts of The Dipsy Doodle Galaxy (the galactic doppelganger sister of The Doodle Dipsy , multiple Sun, Stellar System).  My actual home is in the Ninth Heaven where I reside in my exquisite Pagoda designed and constructed by the infamous Xiray architect Captain Andromeda .


I was created as a pre-ectoplasmic entity whose sole form is pure Cosmic Breath coupled with the skill to coagulate The Space-Time Continuum with Atomic Synthesis, therefore I have the ability to mutate into any epidermic agglutination I so choose.  I can fool any type of Creature Species at any time, anywhere regardless of the Multiverse location I might be inhabiting.


I bathe in Quantum Foam using lava bubbles as a refresher, striated with marbleized Hydrogen Crystals. Boy oh boy do I love my baths. They wake me up and put me to sleep simultaneously hence placing me in a permanent state of external and internal suspension.


Due to my ancestry I posses thirteen triple Helix chromosomal chains of DNA. My genetic code is Infinity to the ninth degree squared and rounded.  Hypotenuses  constitute my translucent Prana skeleton.  In my real dimension I’m one Mega Eyeball floating in endless vitreous humor.  All seeing, omni- observational, my perceptions lack boundaries or limitations of any kind, shape or scope.


Right now, for instance, I can see you but you can’t see me unless you peer into a reverse Plutonium mirror.


I am immaculate, invisible and disintegration personified.


Welcome to me!